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Become your real self  



Certified by the Ericksonian Hypnosis Academy in Paris

( A.R.C.H.E )

Certified in solution oriented Therapy by Bill O'Hanlon

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(305) 904 2463

Hypnosis is a common state that everyone of us experiences every day. Moments of daydreaming,  when you drive your car for a long distance trip and don't really remember how you got there  , when you watch a movie or read a book. It's a very natural state. These moments are indicative of a change in brainwaves that leads to trance. Our subconscious mind takes over and our conscious mind has no recollection of this drift in awareness. During a session, the hypnotherapist helps you retrieve this state so that you can focus on your purpose of feeling better and find the solutions by yourself.

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Self esteem​

  • ​Competition or exams preparation

  • ​Phobia

  • Weight loss and eating disorder

  • Life Coaching

  • ​Stop smoking

  • Pain management

  • Post traumatic syndrom disorder PTSD

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